Packed-Up: Nicole Gulotta Stashes Turkish Towels, Natural Coconut Oil

New York stylist Nicole Gulotta has been transforming models into style mavens for years—in between her excursions to Capri, Tulum and Vieques, that is.
Now, with a newly launched collection of scarves and accessories inspired by her travels dubbed Nomadic Thread Society (not to mention her expert packing tips), you don't have to be a model to enjoy Gulotta's superb taste. 
What trip will you take (or do you wish you were taking) this summer?
"Heading for England for some summer festivals like the Secret Garden Party, and to Capri for some sea and sun."
Describe your perfect traveling ensemble.
"These lightweight cotton voile, fatigue-like pants, a few loose layers of tee, and a lightweight shawl."
What's your packing philosophy?
"Lots of kaftans and easy dresses. Chic, simple shirts that can be dressed up or down depending on the accessory. Shawls and scarves to accomplish the finishing of the outfit. Only a few light and bright jeans to dress up or down.
"Must pack the necessary beach and travel accessories: the hammam and sarong towel! If I hadn't had my hammam towel to lay down on in Aguas Calientes, Peru, I would have never slept in the bed at the terrible little hotel I mistakenly wound up in!"
What piece are you most excited to bring along and where or when will you wear it?
"My vintage Egyptian Assuit shawl with metallic threads.. I'm deciding to take it out of safe keeping and drag it around the English countryside with me."
What do you wish you could bring, but will probably have to leave home?
"My new Basil Racuk suede bag—don't want to hurt it in the rain."
What beauty products are you packing and why?
"Jason 20 sunscreen to wear all the time. Natural coconut oil for moisturizing."
When it comes to footwear, how many options are really necessary?
"A few pairs of shoes that go with everything—snake and metallic are good for that. A heel, a few sandals, a few flats."
How about accessories?
"Big on shawls and scarves from my company, Nomadic Thread Society, and some vintage, too. 
Mostly feather earrings and summer beads otherwise."
What's the one thing you always seem to forget on the road?
"The damn steamer."
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