Packed Sigerson Morrison Sale Offers Limited Sizes, Few Bags

The best part of the Sigerson Morrison sale is that there are also some Zero + Maria Cornejo goods scattered amidst the chaos, though alas, the selection leaves something to be desired.

First, the Zero + Maria Cornejo wares: There's a rack of pants, a rack of tops, and a few dresses -- not much selection, alas, but that seems to be the trend at the sale overall.

The line's still pretty much non-existent, but the sale itself is utterly packed -- we overheard one security guard say that he'd clocked over 100 people in the first hour of the sale. The Sigerson Morrison wares start at $150 for the main line and $95 for the Belle line, but the sizes available are seriously limited, especially in the 7-8.5 range. (We actually spotted a pair of shoes we'd bought at Saks' post-holiday sale, oddly, priced higher than we'd purchased them in January.)

This sale runs through Friday at 125 West 18th Street, but we'd advise going today if you're at all interested in scoring anything decent -- the shoes are already in limited styles in average sizes, and there were maybe fifteen bags total by the time we left.

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