Our Favorite Moments from the “Kell On Earth” Conference Call

kelly cutrone
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Today we sat in on a conference call with Kelly Cutrone and her People's Revolution partners, Emily Bungert and Robyn Berkley, to promote their new show on Bravo. Needless to say, there were some choice sound bites from the infamously loudmouthed Cutrone. Let's be honest, here: We cannot wait for this show. If you want to meet Kelly Cutrone in person (as we do), she also revealed that she'll be signing copies of her new book, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside, at the Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble on February 2.

Kelly on not wearing makeup:

My whole thing is I'm busy -- I'm a single mom. I'm working, I'm not an actress. I don't like the idea of "looking pretty," it's not my thing.
People have really strong connotations about women on television ... and I'm not into it.

On feminism and her upcoming show, "Kell On Earth":

I never thought of myself as a feminist becasue i relaly believe in equality. we need powerful women and poweful men. I'm more of an ancient feminist ... We talk about our show as Sex and the City on steroids with a little bit of Survivor and a dash of Rhoda.

On letting the Bravo cameras into her bedroom:

America does not want to see me in a nightgown.

On her language:

I had a talk with myself over the Christmas holiday about my language. I don't know if [the F-bomb] is as effective because I use it so much.

On getting people at fashion shows out of seats that aren't rightfully theirs:

It's like a Whack-a-Mole game!

On what she's learned from her interns:

I've learned that I don't want to send my daughter to college.

On the current state of fashion and the rise of online media:

Like rock 'n' roll, the fashion industry is in the middle of a huge, huge, huge, huge transformation. These last couple of years have just been, like, mind-blowing and ball-busting. I would never, ever, ever have seen this coming. I never thought it would be this fast ... Who would have thought we'd pay five dollars for a coffee and get our news for free?

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