Opening Report: Barneys Co-Op Brooklyn

As Barneys Co-op officially opened its doors for business on Atlantic Avenue this morning, we stopped in to survey the scene and ogle the goods (for reporting purposes, of course).

Things were relatively quiet when we arrived. Predictably, many of the 20 or so customers browsing the stock on this Thursday morning were stroller-pushing mothers, which Barneys enthusiastically catered to with trays of cookies from the nearby One Girl Bakery. Less predictable—and utterly delightful—was witnessing Simon Doonan on hand to help many of the moms get their strollers down the store's stairs.

Special-edition items to celebrate the Co-Op's 25th anniversary like the Marc Jacobs-designed Moleskine notebook and Levi's re-issued 501 selvedge denim jeans were scattered throughout the 10,00 square-foot space, which one of the employees told us was on the larger end of the scale for Barneys Co-op locations, certainly making it worth the trip for Brooklyn denizens and Manhattanites alike. Alas, when it comes to "sprawlability," Brooklyn's got Manhattan beat.

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