One to Watch: Onia


If you've ever attempted to buy swim trunks for a man, you will attest to the overwhelming number of hibiscus prints and candy-colored stripes on the market. Happily, New York native Carl Cunow wasn't content with the gaudy state of swimwear. A former product developer for Steven Alan, Cunow claims that as he started to "dress nicer," he encountered a problem: "I just couldn’t find swim shorts that were basic, high quality and wearable. I go to the beach every couple months and wanted something that would last me a long time but also something that was cool and not trendy or graphic-y."

Which is precisely how Onia, his no-nonsense mens' swimwear brand, was born. Based on the simple concept that basic is better, Onia offers three core styles of swim trunks with only slight variations in style and shape between each. An obsessive interest in quality and fit is detectable in custom trim materials and fabrics (an aspect of the brand owed in part to Cunow's years sourcing textiles around the world for Steven Alan). As a result, his target audience runs the gamut from "23-year-old investment bankers [to] 65-year-old writers. Everyday people that want something classic but stylish."

Of course, we couldn't help wondering if Cunow planned to bring his frills-free aesthetic to the womenswear market. For now, the answer is resolutely no: "The sizes scare me. I wouldn’t know where to begin with sizing tops and bottoms." We'll let the boys have all the fun for the time being -- after all, it's been a long time comin'.

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