One to Watch: Zana Bayne

Zana Bayne, the designer behind the avant-garde blog, "Garbage Dress," recently unveiled a new collection of intricate leather harnesses, and we must admit, and we're starting to warm to the trend.

Bayne, whose background in conceptual art lends itself to her rather surreal taste in fashion, creates each piece by hand in her Brooklyn studio. Though there's been a flurry of harness-related styling of late, peaking with Rag & Bone's techie Spring '11 collection, Bayne could be said to be among the trend's original advocates (her charming "winged" harnesses debuted in the summer of last year). Apparently the harnesses are more of a calling: Bayne, who got a degree in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute, told us: "I never wanted to be a clothing designer, but when I began experimenting with leather harnesses and accessories, it just made sense."

And while her collections have evolved over the first three seasons, the designer is still commited to her strappy leather creations. For Spring '11, Bayne was inspired to "make drawings out of strips of leather," thinking along the lines of "jewelry, lattice work, and stained glass."

The new collection includes some striking new additions to Bayne's line-up, including a mock-collar harness (that literally outlines in leather the shape of a shirt collar) and a pair of carefully woven leather shin guards--guaranteed to become a cult-favorite among more daring fashionistas.

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