One to Watch: Fortune Favors the Brave

Designers Julia Wilson and Shannon Davenport both hail from northern California, but didn't meet until college, where they bonded over "a shared interest in Shannon's ability to do impersonations," laughs Julia. 

Their close friendship and a relocation to New York City eventually prompted a desire to work together professionally, and soon a jewelry collection, Fortune Favors the Brave, came into being.

"We have really complimentary skills, and have always wanted to work together in some capacity," Shannon explains. "I have always trusted Julia with anything math-related, and she really trusts my eye, so there's a level of mutual respect between us that felt like it would serve us well as a team."

For their debut collection, Wilson and Davenport rejuvenated traditional Southwest-inspired jewelry by giving turquoise, sterling silver and concho details a cool, fashion-forward twist, as in a concho hand piece that features a turquoise ring attached to a bracelet with a length of silver chain.

"We've continued to use turquoise as the collection has evolved into sleeker and chicer pieces, and moving forward we're exploring the use of other opaque stones, such as blue lapis and india agate," says Julia. "As much as we want to keep the collection accessible, we try to use sterling silver when possible. Rings and studs just feel so much better in pure metals!"

For next season, the girls plan to mine '60s-era Laurel Canyon for jewelry inspiration. "We loved the mix of nature and luxury and creativity that was going on at the time, and the community of young people that were helping shape music and culture," says Shannon. "Our parents were part of that generation, so we grew up hearing Joni Mitchell, Cosby Still and Nash, and the Beach Boys, who all were part of the Laurel Canyon crew."

But don't expect any enamel peace signs or flower-power charms: However their groovy inspiration takes shape, you can count on the finished product being as inventive and fresh as the rest of their collection.

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