One to Watch: Eleven Objects Focuses on The Collar

While working together at Doo.Ri, designers Linh Thi Do and Christine Rhee realized they'd actually met before. "We both took the same summer intensive fashion studies program at Parsons ten years ago. We sat next to each other for the first week of class!"

The decision to work together came naturally enough to Linh and Christine, who claim to have complimentary design strengths.

"Christine has a strong graphic eye, a background in architecture, and recently has experience in social media," explains Linh, who did product development for the likes of TSE, Rogan and Alexander Wang. "We both are passionate about design and are constantly challenging and surprising each other. "

For their shared label, Eleven Objects, Linh and Christine decided to focus on that oft-neglected accessory, the detachable collar. Ranging from simple satin collars to outrageous studded pony hair creations, each piece has the power to transform a simple t-shirt or blouse with the snap of a button.

"We both mused on how great it would be to have a collection of collars to style with our wardrobes," explains Linh. "We realized that we could just make a version ourselves and we gave it a go and went for it."

Though both girls claim to wear their collars as "seamless additions to a pre-existing shirt or dress," they also function as unusual necklaces given the right ensemble. "We're constantly surprised by the new and different ways that people are wearing them," says Linh.

As they prepare Spring 2012 collar samples, the duo is also developing an exclusive collection for the opening of Five Story, a new NYC boutique that will open in the fall. "We're both Sagittarians," laughs Christine. "We both kind of really go for it."

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