One to Watch: Abraxas Rex

Luxury label, Abraxas Rex, first caught our attention with a collection of hand-painted silk kimonos that debuted at Barney's last spring. Assuming it was some kind of artsy lingerie label, we were surprised to discover that the brand's claim to fame is actually jewelry design—specifically, stunningly gorgeous, occasionally out of this world jewelry design.

Created by NYC-expat, Paris Kain, who once designed a jewelry collection for Alexander Wang's Fall 2009 runway show, the label is proclaimed to be inspired by "the myth of Atlantis and by Gnostic texts dating from 200 BCE." Though we can't really speak to its accuracy in that regard, we concur that there's something enchantingly, almost mythically beautiful about Kain's designs, which run the gamut from easy sculpted silver cuffs to extraordinary meteorite and dinosaur bone necklaces.

We're excited to see more from the designer, who seems to be lying low these days in his new Santa Barbara abode. We're also hoping he'll rerelease the spectacular prehistoric shark tooth necklace, which features a tiny embedded diamond and a black leather closure.

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