Olivia Palermo Is Getting Her Own TV Show

As one spin-off after the next takes orbit in the ever-expanding reality tv universe, it seems only natural that Olivia Palermo, best known as the icy socialite-slash-villian on MTV's recently-canned The City, would be working on a new project of her own. 

Though it's somewhat curious that Elle.com, Palermo's former "employer" from the series is breaking the news, there seems to be no connection between the fashion magazine and the fashion plate—now a spokesmodel for Spanish label Mango—who simply stated, "I’m currently working on a TV project, my own show."

It's a little crazy to think that all this spawned from MTV's Laguna Beach, which begat The Hills, which begat The City, which probably begat the forthcoming return of Lauren Conrad to reality television, and now this. While details are still hazy, Palermo's project may just be the best-dressed one yet. The girl definitely has style. Substance is another show.

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