Norma Kamali's Wide Range of Swimwear for Summer

Norma Kamali swimwear offers shockingly similar styles for vastly different prices, if you know where to look.

Couture Snob tipped us off to the parallels between the full-priced Bill swimsuit (a retro-style jersey one-piece you may recognize from Miranda's poolside waxing conversation in the Sex and the City movie) and Norma Kamali's Bandeau Tankini Top for Wal-Mart (nearly identical neckline and straps, but in a two-piece), but while the Bill will put you back $385, the latter top, with a corresponding bottom, costs a mere $30. 

That's quite the stark contrast, but Norma Kamali's incredibly retail-savvy: For all those shoppers in the in-between range, there's her eBay collection of swimsuits between $155-$165 for maillots and bikinis hovering just around the $200 range.

The common thread between all Kamali's lines lies in the vintage-inspired silhouettes and attention to fashion and practicality, so snagging one for yourself is essentially a matter of name-your-price.

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