Norma Kamali's First Sleepwear Line Will Be for Wal-Mart

Norma Kamali will launch an eight-piece sleepwear collection for Wal-Mart (her first turn in the category) on October 1.

WWD announced the addition to Kamali's exclusive line for the big-box chain, which already includes ready-to-wear and activewear. As such, the sleepwear addition isn't necessarily a massive expansion, though it does further align Kamali with the massive retailer in the off-price space. Interestingly, however, Wal-Mart apparently intends to promote the line through a more extensive barrage of viral marketing. 

Norma Kamali for Wal-Mart is enormously cheaper than her regular collections (she has a middle-tier line for eBay as well), but the designer has received quite a bit of praise for the fact that the lower-price pieces closely mirror those of her regular line, so sleepwear should be no exception. 

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