No Surprise: Taylor Momsen is the Face of Madonna's Material Girl Line

When Macy's dropped hints about who the face of Madonna and daughter Lourdes soon-to-launch teen line would be, most folks picked up on the clues immediately. Yet somehow, we're still disappointed.

The clues reported by WWD included choice nuggets on how the as-yet-unnamed lady was "on a hit teen drama series" and was "known for her frayed, rocker-tinged style off-screen." Combine that with the long, slightly stringy blond hair on the mystery dame in the marketing materials, and most folks guessed correctly. InStyle today confirmedTaylor Momsen will be the official face of Material Girl, the line that launches August 3 at Macy's.

We'll admit that we were surprised by the pleasingly punk pieces among Madonna and Lourdes' designs for the Material Girl line -- as skeptical as we were (especially considering the name), we even found ourselves smiling over a few pieces like the silver cross ring or cool leather jacket. Momsen, however, is a choice as disappointing as it is obvious.

Obviously Momsen would assume the mantle of ne'er-do-well Madonna wannabe, with her devil-may-care attitude (she doesn't even wear pants!) and lipstick-punk aesthetic. On the one hand, it's kind of genius: Few mothers would want their daughters to dress like Taylor Momsen, and therefore rebellious tweens everywhere will squeal with delight at the chance to snap up pieces from the collection once it drops. On the other hand ... Taylor Momsen? Really? She wears T-shirts as dresses and sometimes even wears clear shoes with money in the heels. Material Girl, indeed.

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