New French Vogue Editor in Chief Shows Less Skin in First Issue

While French Vogue might have become quite well-known for its nudity under the tenure of Carine Roitfeld, new editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt is more interested in showing "a lot of clothes," as she told WWD in a recent interview.

Alt's first issue for French Vogue with Giselle Bundchen on the cover hits newsstands on March 25, and the newly-installed editrix already seems to have a firm grasp of her voice and vision for the glossy. As she tells WWD:

“I want to show in French Vogue more and more a lot of clothes,” she said.

Flicking through a binder showing off a shoot of Anja Rubik by Hans Feurer, Alt arrived at a page of the model reclining, her blouse open and a nipple in plain sight. “One boob,” she said, holding up a finger and flashing a big smile: “Otherwise, you don’t recognize it’s French Vogue.”

Alt stresses that she wants to foster more young stylists, particularly those coming up in the French Vogue universe, and also insists that her new "classic" direction "doesn't mean boring."

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