NAHM Looks to Parisian Expats in Laos for Spring 2012

The film "Belle Du Jour" and Parisian expats in Laos provided ample inspiration for Ally Hilfiger and Nary Mavivong's gorgeous spring '12 collection.

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Catherine Blair Pfander
Nary Manivong and Ally Hilfiger's NAHM line launched last season as a meditation on the shirtdress--Hilfiger's all-time favorite wardrobe staple. For spring 12, the duo expanded their original vision to include wispy cotton babydolls and long printed maxi dresses. "And did you see the new jumpsuit?" Ally asks, pointing out an orange-and-yellow confection.
Catherine Blair Pfander
"We were inspired by the fashionable Parisian expats who went to Laos in the '70s," explained Manivong, who told us that the colors and prints used in the collection were all derived from traditional Laotian textiles.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Compared to the heaviness and luxuriousness of last season, NAHM's spring effort felt lighter and more playful by comparison, with gently gathered pouf-skirts and cheeky bow details.
Catherine Blair Pfander
While the tone was decidedly less severe, NAHM's elegant textile choices ensure that even their more youthful pieces are still sophisticated and luxurious. Here, a "coated" basket weave dress in caramel with a detachable bow collar.
Catherine Blair Pfander
The set itself was as lively as the garments, finished with AstroTurf, parasols, and even bags of Laotian cracker snacks.
Catherine Blair Pfander
A series of lighter-than-air white cotton sundresses had a floaty, nightgown-like quality. Ally identified a flirty, open-back number (shown at right) as her favorite of the season.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Our favorite was a classic white shirt dress with crochet details along the bust and sleeves.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Skin-flattering shades of burnt orange and caramel are sure to be retail winners once they hit stores.
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