My Fashion Week Essentials: Tiffany Gong of Six Six Sick

Any seasoned Fashion Week attendee will confirm that there's simply no way to survive the frenzy (at least not with your sanity intact) without a few stylish secret weapons. This week, we asked vunder-blogger and designer Tiffany Gong of Six Six Sick to spill her stash and explain how she keeps her cool while hoofing it all over town.

Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Rainboots: "Plenty of ladies are teetering around NYFW in their high-high heels hoping to get photographed, but I'm a bigger fan of practicality, especially when you're running from place to place. I'll definitely be getting good use out of my rainboots while tromping around in the slush."

Triskaidekaphobia Tooth Necklace:  "I can't leave the house without wearing a piece of jewelry from my line, Triskaidekaphobia."

Olay Cream: "Nothing beats Olay, which keeps me from looking like the living dead during February."

Alexis Mabille, Beau Bow Six Perfume : "I'm a perfume addict, and the new Six Scents perfume is one of my favorites -- I just got it for Christmas!"

Urban Decay Eyeliner Pencils:"They last all day long, and then all night too -- in addition to coming in every color!"

Canon Rebel: "It's a pain to lug such a heavy camera around, but I use it to capture everything interesting I see during NYFW."

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