My Fashion Week Essentials: Melissa Coker of Wren

Our favorite bi-coastal designer and stylist, Melissa Coker, is best known for the colorful, carefree separates she conjures up for her brand, Wren. But she is also known for having killer street style, a perfect marraige of girly skirts, funky prints and sensible footwear. Naturally, Coker is bringing out the big guns for New York Fashion Week, including her favorite shade of ruby red lipstick and some chic-yet-practical Chanel flats.

The Bowery Hotel:"My home away from home while in New York. Not to mention the perfect place to wind down after a crazy day."

Wren silk button-down: "Insanely comfortable while still looking polished and just about as versatile as it gets. No-brainer alert."

Red lipstick:  "NOTHING makes you look better in a photo than a red lip. Youth dew/instant well-rested look = overall magic. I like Nars' 'Jungle Red.'"

Flats: "Forget heels! Running around town is an easy dream and no need to fret when there's not a cab in sight."

A good book to lug around: "Best way to pass the time while riding from one destination to the next.  Now that's what I call multi-tasking. I'm currently reading 'Mapplethorpe: A Biography.'"

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