My Fashion Week Essentials: Bernadette Pascua

We've been spotting tons of fashion illustrator Bernadette Pascua's fanciful scribbles on glossy magazine pages recently. Naturally, we were interested to see how an artist with her innate sense of color and texture approaches a week of glammed-out mayhem. Turns out, her Fashion Week must-haves are precisely as effortlessly chic as her fluid fashion illustrations. "For Fashion Week I like to keep it really classic and comfortable," explains Pascua. "Exactly the opposite of Anna Del Russo's Fashion Week dressing!"

1) Apiece Apart Blouse: "I just got this simple silk blouse from La Garconne. No matter how many tops I try on for possible outfits, this one is always wins."

2) Chanel Coco Rouge in "Gabrielle": "I like that this red color has a hint of pink to it, a bright lip always can seal the deal on any outfit and fancies up your look in second."

3) Celine Sunglasses"Was so tempted to put the Celine square bag on this set since I have been dreaming about and would definitely be the top Fashion Week Essential of all time. Sadly, I don't have one but I do have a pair of Celine spring sunglasses -- I snagged the last taupe colored pair of this style at Barneys. I have been wearing them everyday since."

4) A small notebook for taking notes: "Lanvin Illustrated notebook from Net-a-Porter. I carry around several notebooks with me at one time, but this one is so special because of Alber Albaz's amazing drawings on the front, they inspire me to draw."

5) Phillip Lim Initials: "For slightly sheer tops, wearing a pretty bra is just as important as the blouse itself. Phillip Lim makes the best silk bras and lingerie sets."

6) Isabel Marant Black pants: "Another easy closet staple, plus it's way too cold in New York to be fussing over short dresses!"

7) Isabel Marant Coat: "I've been wearing my Isabel Marant grey tweed 'Ben' coat almost everyday ths winter. The cut is like a men's coat, which I love. It always balances out any outfit and allows you to wear several layers underneath if you wanted to."

8) Marni Midheel Pumps: "Marni usually makes sky high heels so I was pleasantly surprised to find these heels since they are not very high. I ended up getting them in a forest green suede.
I've given up on wobbling around during Fashion Week on ridiculous heels, especially with all of the ice on the streets so I these are definitely my go-to this year. This fall I've been sporting the sock with sandal look a lot--J.Crew makes the best socks. I'm looking forward to wearing these heels in the spring, too!"

Check out Bernadette's illustrated fashion blog at Decade Diary.

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