Moodboard: We Are Handsome’s Sport Chalets and Retro Ski Scenes

We Are Handsome/Catherine Blair Pfander

Designers Indhra Chagoury and Jeremy Jules Somers of buzzed-about swimwear brand, We Are Handsome, know a thing or two about bold graphics.

Their bikinis and scoop-neck onesies are printed images that are so hyper-realistic, one is apt to do a double-take: "Was that a wolf?"

Handsome's latest collection, "Memoirs," ingeniously juxtaposes winter sports scenes with summery bikini shapes (appropriate, considering Aussies are just now entering their chilliest season), but it also introduces the designers' first foray into ready-to-wear, with a small selection of mini-dresses rendered in the same spectacular, retro graphics. For their mood board, Indhra and Jeremy shared some of "Memoir's" inspiration pics, along with snaps that they can always depend on to stimulate a little imagination.

Chalet Scenes: "There's something fascinating about old mountain chalet resorts. Something comforting & cozy."
Retrofuturs Collage: "The textures in this collage piece by Retrofuturs really stood out and sat contrasting to the feelings you get when you read WATER."
Wolves: "Wolves, while wild and fierce, are also so beautiful and majestic. They think and are one of the smartest animals on earth yet rarely do we see them in such a light."
Vintage Album Cover: "We love the colors in this album cover, nothing is totally black or totally white."
Skiing: "The skier is again so peaceful, yet rarely do we think of him as so."
Photo Collage: "There is something unexplainable about this photo-collage. It makes us feel good & nostalgic at the same time."
Cloud Scene: "Clouds are a big source of inspiration for us, and there are infinite formations and combinations. We collect lots of pictures of clouds."
Sunflowers: "We love big wide open spaces, huge skies and natures brilliantness. Each season we try to include something that is real yet surreal at the same time."
411: "We love the contrasting images/feelings in this picture. It takes a little while to get used to what you're seeing."
Hot Air Balloon: "We took this shot on a hot air balloon trip last summer, and it always was a serene and beautiful reminder of that tip."

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