Mood Board: Shabd’s Bauhaus Patterns and Ice Cream Colors

Shabd Simon-Alexander/Catherine Blair Pfander

Brooklyn-based designer Shabd Simon-Alexander is largely responsible for bringing tie-dye out of the kitsch-osphere and into contemporary fashion, with a broad range of boho tanks, maxi dresses and covetable cotton knapsacks.

We've often thought her carefully dyed pastel pieces called to mind an ice-cream counter at 31 Flavors, so we were pleasantly surprised to see that Shabd's summer style inspiration centers around bright sorbet shades and (literal) popsicle sticks. Of course, not everything is so sugary sweet: bold patterns and Bauhaus textiles anchor the creamy palette in strong geometry.

Quilts: "This quilt is from an amazing quilter I know, Ian Hundley. He and his brother Mark taught themselves how to sew when they used to make costumes to go our clubbing in the early 90's, and his quilts have a really special energy about them."

Geta Bratescu and Ana Lupas: "I've recently discovered these conceptual Romanian female artists form the 60's and 70's, Geta Bratescu and Ana Lupas. I love these photos of their installations."

Musicians in Chiapas, Mexico: "The instruments are hand made and the music is really trancey, the clothes are always amazing, and the bandanas are a political statement referring to the struggle for autonomy and respect for the Mayan people in Mexico."

Nabokov and Wife, Butterfly Hunting: "He was an amateur butterfly expert, and had some really interesting theories about butterfly migration which scientists at the time dismissed since he was a writer. Just this year they discovered that his theories have proven to be true."

Bauhaus: "I've been looking at a lot of Bauhaus prints and textiles, I especially love to see how the original sketch becomes the final piece."

South American Color Palette: "I just spent a month in Mexico and am so in love with the color there. Also the way they organize things. These photos are bags of glitter, a million popsicle flavors, and flavored sugar."

Ice Cream Cones: "The melty colors and flavors of summer."
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