Mood Board: Proenza Schouler CEO's Cozy Knits and Dream Vacation Pics

It would be difficult to spend time around the kind of luxury gear that Shirley Cook, CEO of Proenza Schouler, is likely surrounded by every day (in the company of designers Jack and Lazaro Hernandez) and not have pretty fabulous taste. 

Unlike Proenza Schouler's progressive runway style, however, Shirley has become known for her unique and slightly understated take on the brand's luxe aeshetic: "I tend to be very casual on the weekends, and go for really easy, classic things," she explains.

No surprise, then, that her mood board pairs her company's glorious spring collection with denim-rocking ladies like Chloe Sevigny, tempered by a selection of glowy vintage vacation pics.

1 - Cozy Nights: "Jeans and cozy sweaters are my favorite for chilly summer nights in New England."

2 - Shorts : "Shorts with a light spring coat are perfect for the crazy spring weather -- day starts off warm and then it's cold or it rains. I can still get away with wearing shorts in a professional environment; I also like to wear them during the day with sandals and into the evening with heels."

3 - A little adventure: "I hope to get in some interesting travelling this summer and exploring."

4 - Color: "Normally I don't wear very much color, but there are so many wonderful options with such beautiful colors that I can't resist. It's always nice with jeans or mixing everything together."

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