Mood Board: Alyssa Norton Inspired by Twisters, Modern Sculpture

Jewelry designer Alyssa Norton has the rare ability to twist and tangle her mixed metals into pieces that are at once messy and elegant, abstracted and thoughtful.

The same juxtaposition is present in her summer mood board, for which Alyssa explored the interplay of the natural world and man-made materials. Jagged modern artworks and intimidating twisters combined to create unexpected geometries and color palettes. "Color plays a significant role in our collections," explains the designer, whose fascination with "twisting, turning" summer thunderstorms we might compare to her twisting, turning adornments.

Tornadoes: "I've been looking at tornadoes this season. I like the idea of things that twist and turn and take things with them. I have also been looking at snakes and spiders -- again the wrapping and twisting, is what is interesting -- in addition to the colors, textures, and shapes."

YSL: "I love vintage YSL; the spirit of the clothes and the YSL woman."

Bonnie and Clyde: "I'm inspired by Faye Dunaway's character, by her style and fearlessness."

Tibetan Armour: "I've been looking at Tibetan Armor for years and am still fascinated by the way the armor was made, the colors and materials used."

David Altmejd: "He makes sculptures out of flowers, silk, chain, mirrors, and sometimes werewolves and crystals. His work is quite strange but so beautiful."

Rachel from Blade Runner"I try to bring some futuristic element into my collections. Often the inspiration comes from this film and her character."

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