Miss Piggy to Play Plus-Size French Vogue Editor in New Muppets Movie

Amid the debate over who would helm French Vogue after Carine Roitfeld's departure, one candidate was apparently overlooked: Miss Piggy, who will play the part of editor in the new Muppets movie, according to Vogue UK.

In the movie, set to be released in February of 2012, Jason Siegel plays the Muppets' biggest fan, who attempts to save the Muppet Theater by tracking down all the various Muppet characters. (Apparently, all of them have taken on new gigs -- Gonzo has a plumbing empire!)

She's already been dressed by Marc Jacobs, so Fashion editor seems like a good fit for Miss Piggy, and the French Vogue tie-in couldn't be more perfect. We can only hope that Carine Roitfeld gets a cameo in addition to the newly-installed editrix, Emmanuelle Alt.

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