Milliner Phillip Treacy Has Been Busy, “What With the Wedding”

As the world's premier milliner, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Philip Treacy would be creating spectacular toppers for a slew of the people attending the royal wedding, but the designer recently took a reporter for The Telegraph by surprise in giving away more than a few details.

With a media frenzy mounting as details of dress still shrouded in ironclad secrecy by the palace, Treacy welcomed Bryony Gordon from The Telegraph with open arms into the inner sanctum of his hidden-location London studio.

"We've been very busy recently, what with the wedding," Treacy divulged. Busy, indeed.

There, among mementos of his work spanning the likes of pop stars and princesses—"If I designed dresses I would just have one type of customer, but doing hats I get to work with Lady Gaga and the wife of Prince Charles and everybody in between"—sat the hat molds and mood boards for the wedding's various VIP attendees.

According to the report, Middleton is already said to have commissioned Treacy to design the hats for her bridesmaids, but upon her arrival at Treacy's studio, Gordon spotted massive boards featuring royals like the Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Beatrice, as well as, yes, Victoria Beckham. When asked if he is attending the wedding itself, Treacy replies: "'No, no, but my hats are, and that's nice.'"

While the hats themselves have not yet been revealed, Treacy assured Gordon that his clients have not held back in their hat requests for the big day (recession be darned).

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