Milan on Overlapping Show Dates With NYC, London: “Let the Best One Win”

After the CFDA issued a statement saying it would not alter the dates of New York Fashion Week to accommodate Milan's newly-adopted earlier dates, Milan insists it's sticking with its new dates, despite the fact that they will overlap with both New York and London's fashion weeks. The overlap will undoubtedly cause a scheduling nightmare for editors and buyers, who will be forced to pick and choose when it comes to cities and shows.

The decision came fresh off a morning meeting in Milan at the Chamber of Fashion, according to WWD:

“Let the best one win,” Mario Boselli, head of the Chamber, told WWD. “Italian designers unanimously agreed on the schedule, from the smallest brand to the biggest. They showed great solidarity and Italian pride.”

The organizers of both New York and London Fashion Week have been firm in their refusal to alter the current show calendar, saying that the current lineup -- established by all the cities involved back in 2008 -- should stand. In addition, Conde Nast has stated that its editors would skip Milan's runway offerings if they conflicted with New York or London shows.

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