Melania Trump Debuts Costume Jewelry line for QVC

It seems natural that the women in Donald Trump's life would be swimming in jewels. But it also seems natural that, because it's the Donald we're talking about here, said women would be savvy enough to turn their bling into business.  Following her stepdaughter, Ivanka's diamond line, Mrs.The Donald is launching Melania(TM) Timepieces & Jewelry for QVC April 30. 

While Ivanka's pieces were a bit more to our own style than the Melania line (that's Melania TM to you!), there's likely a good market for the sparklers, which consist mainly of gold bracelets, necklaces, watches and cocktail rings sporting costume versions of classic precious stones encrusted in CZ.  Certainly fun, but also doubtless not as pricey as Trump's own private collection, which -- although it served as inspiration for the QVC baubles -- includes pieces more along the lines of, say, her 12-carat diamond engagement ring. 

Hey, good for her -- she studied architecture in college and wanted to parlay her design sensibilities into an affordable line -- everything's under $200 - for women of all stripes. 

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