Vena Cava's “Garage Sale” Offers Random Scores and Major Bargains

Good news for chic packrats: Next month, Vena Cava designers Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai will host their first-ever online garage sale, including peculiar knick-knacks and bric-a-brac (um, if you count Mayock's birth certificate and social security card as bric-a-brac--they're up for grabs) that the duo accumulated over the decades.

Make no mistake, this is not some kind of Web-based Vena Cava sample sale disguised as a garage sale: Offerings include such random oddities as Bad Dates (a 1980's paperback), a coffee mill and nut grinder circa 1970, a vintage YSL safari jacket, a misspelled Vena Cava friendship bracelet, a 1982 Volvo station wagon, a biker jacket from Contempo and a yellow circular phone.

To execute their vision, Mayock and Buhai partnered with Subports, a company that allows customers to make purchases via text message.  Come June 1st, be sure to have your cell phone ready: items will become available at, or on their blog, 

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