Matthew Ames Will Take “New Approach” to Presenting Clothes

Last week, industry fave and previous Ecco Domani winner, Matthew Ames, announced he will not present his Fall 2011 collection at New York Fashion Week.

Though disappointing for Ames fans, the announcement was not so suprising coming from a brand that seems to relish its fringe indie status over conventional means of exposure -- including Lincoln Center.

The Brooklyn-based designer has a reputation for keeping a low profile on the fashion scene -- certainly part of what makes him so appealing to the stylists and editors he counts among his cult devotees -- so the intriguing hint that Ames "will introduce a new direction to the way he presents clothes" included at the end of the press release could mean interesting things to come (a 3-d video installation, perhaps, or a Tom Ford-esque intimate staging?).

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