Madonna Says She’s Strict About How Her Daughter Dresses


In case it's not obvious based on last night's photos, Madonna says she's strict about how her daughter dresses—at least from her perspective (remember, this is the woman who's worn cone bras, wide-mesh tank tops, and the like).

At last night's Material Girl launch party, Macy's second major event touting the collection following its August 3 debut, Madge and daughter Lourdes were on the scene (the line's spokesperson Taylor Momsen was also present), to discuss their collaborative line and its future.

According to WWD, Madonna says that more fashion lines are on the horizon, including a workout line and a lingerie collection for adults. Clearly, the designing duo enjoyed their first effort foray into mother-daughter designing enough to sign up for more. "She has a great sense of style and I can totally leave her on her own. She pretty much ran all the meetings while I was doing other things," Madonna said with regards to Lourdes (aka Lola).

And while Madonna's praise may be coming from a more motherly place, apparently her daughter's got what it takes to sell clothes. Lanie List, chief merchandising officer behind the brand noted that the collection's best-sellers have been the novelty, fashion-driven items, including those inspired by Lola's own closet.

Still, that doesn't stop Madonna from enforcing some wardrobe crackdowns every so often. "When she wears short shorts, I make her wear tights with them,” she said.

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