Market Watch: N:F:P Studio


As much as we love sporting prints and structured, dramatic silhouettes, sometimes the simplest look is also the hardest to masterfuly pull off. It's a fine line between a long loose dress that's understated and feminine, and one that's drab and unflattering.

Gail Travis of N:F:P (New Form Perspective) Studio seemed well-aware of this sartorial pitfall when she created her line—and having worked for Calvin Klein and Vera Wang, you might say she knows a thing or two about elegance in simplicity. Her minimalist wares consist of luxuriously soft jersy knit—camisoles, tanks, leggings, easy, flowy dresses—and sweaters that feel like a second skin, thanks to a seamless knitting technique.

Marrying her sense of intelligent design with one of fabric-making's oldest techniques, Travis also meticulously hand-felts the edges and collars of sheer silk tunics and dresses for an effect that's nothing short of magical (we spent ten minutes scrutinizing a dress, turning it inside and out, wondering just how on earth she fused two completely different-textured materials together). Such beautifully-executed understated style won't unnoticed, plain and simple.

Find her on Saturdays and Sundays at The Market NYC, 268 Mulberry Street.

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