March Moodboard: Early Spring Style Inspiration by Jessica Goldfond

Catherine Blair Pfander/Jessica Goldfond

Spring has almost sprung, but our wardrobes are still firmly planted in the winter doldrums. For a breath of fresh air, we asked Jessica Goldfond, the one woman PR and event-planning mega-house behind The Shiny Squirrel, to give us a peek at what's inspiring her style during the drizzly pre-spring season. Turns out, she's a major advocate of the season's tricky orange trend, which just so happens to be a perfect way of jolting some life into all those black and gray winter staples.

(from top left)

Hermes Fall 2011 - "The colors and leather are incredible and the accessories are to die for!" Indeed, we've never seen anything quite like those burgundy "orb" necklaces.

WE ARE HERE - Rough Cut Aquamarine Ring. "Such an incredible statement piece by an emerging designer." We dig the claw-like "talon" setting.

Orange Style Inspiration - "A splash of color with amazing wedge shoes... love the little sock detail, especially for the spring when it isn't quite warm enough yet to go bare!"

For Standard - "The incredible 'Merit Badge' jewelry that I have had a crush on forever. I like my jewelry to step outside the box."

Rodarte for Opening Ceremony - The Tom Petty Hat. "I have become obessed with wide brim hats as of late and this seems like a perfect addition to the collection."

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