Marc Jacobs President Offers Up Fashion Show Tickets, Lingerie Launch on Twitter

Marc Jacobs president Robert Duffy joined Twitter last Friday, and it seems he's been pretty busy, from offering up a chance to win tickets to Marc Jacobs' fashion week show to revealing the label's plans to launch a lingerie line.

WWD reports that Duffy was even asking for suggestions on what to do for the Marc Jacobs runway show at the Armory, which, considering Fashion Week is less than two weeks away is a little alarming. (He assured WWD that everything was fine -- and that, in fact, last season's show wasn't "nailed down" until three days before it happened.)

But here's the interesting part: We followed up to see Duffy's prolific Twitter ways for ourselves, and it seems he's taken many of the tweets down. The offer to win tickets still stands (and is on the site as well), but all the news about the upcoming fashion show, as well as the reported lingerie launch (which, considering Jacobs' wear-your-lingerie-as-clothing show last season, would be a very savvy move) has all disappeared from his feed.

The evidence remains, however, in the form of a lovely Twitpic that Duffy snapped of Marc Jacobs hard at work, with the line, "Marc says hi! He loves that I'm doing this. He thinks I'll be bored in 2 days. Let's see." Maybe Duffy really did get bored?

UPDATE! Duffy has since posted: "Sorry I deleted all my tweets yesterday. I told you I was new at this." Well, we're glad to have him back, but is all this lingerie business really true? Spill!

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