Marant/Dreyfuss Shopwatch 2010: All Quiet on the Soho Front

Okay, so we're maybe a little obsessed with the effortlessly sexy, French bohemian styles of Isabel Marant, as well as the buttery-soft, zippered-and-slouchy bags of her husband, Jerome Dreyfuss. So when we finally got a date on the duo's much-anticipated store openings on the same block in Soho, we'll admit we started to make a habit of (casually) strolling past the corner of 55 Greene Street in order to check on their progress.

Both boutiques are slated for February openings, but curiously, there wasn't a single hard-hatted construction worker to be found this afternoon. In spite of a work permit detailing such extensive projects as the "replacement of windows" and "removal and construction of partitions," all appears quiet on the Marant/Dreyfuss front.

A small tear in the window covering allowed a peek at the interiors, which--aside from three white columns dividing the center--were heartbreakingly barren, with unfinished cement floors and a string of sad track lighting dangling from the ceiling. Is it possible we'll have to wait even longer for our precious Marant flagship to open its doors? And how are we supposed to get the next Marant "it" shoe in time for Fashion Week?

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