Manolo Blahnik Believes Galliano Was “So Badly Treated” Following Scandal

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While the fashion world watches and waits to find out what new talent LVMH will recruit to lead Dior after John Galliano's departure, shoe maven Manolo Blahnik suggests in a new interview that Galliano himself may still be the best option.

Blahnik spoke with Vogue UK about designing the shoes for Kate Moss to wear on her wedding day, and also lamented the fact that Galliano himself -- who Blahnik says did not drink during the celebration -- looked "so sad."

"Franca Sozzani once said something about John Galliano that I thought was perfect," Manolo Blahnik told us. "She said that 'Dior's solution and salvation would be to bring back that man,' -- and I agree. Of course, he would never do that after being so badly treated. What he said was horrific, but said under the influence of drugs and alcohol -- that is no reason to destroy talent."

Blahnik -- who is often refreshingly frank when it comes to his take on the industry and style at large -- also rails against the onset of the platform heel, calling them "gimmicky" and "dated."

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