Madonna Claims New Line is Designed by Daughter Lourdes

Madonna may have a new line in the works for Macy's, but she insists that her teenage daughter, Lourdes, is the real brains behind the operation.

Sure, our mothers gave us responsibilities -- from babysitting to chores --  but co-designing your pop icon mother's new clothing line really seems to take it to new heights. As she told the Associated Press, Madonna thinks her daughter "does have good taste in fashion," and she "rarely disagree[s]" with her daughter's choices. She summarized the whole process pretty succintly by simply saying, "Really she does most of the work, honestly." She elaborated even further in a recent Access Hollywood interview, insisting Lourdes often comes in to start working and Madonna will just "sit back and watch."  

What's more, apparently it was Stella McCartney that first got "Lola" (as Madonna refers to Lourdes) into the fashion business. "She started giving Lola fabrics and inviting her into her showroom and asking her opinion on things, giving her sketch books and stuff like that," Madonna said. "Stella always pushed her."

Part of us worries that it's too much responsibility for a girl her age -- but then again, we often find ourselves dressing like 13-year-olds, so it could be just the right style.

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