Madonna Reportedly in Talks to Design Clothing Line for Macy's

Considering every celebrity seems to be getting her own line of late, it seems natural that style-icon-of-style-icons Madonna would hop on the bandwagon. If insider sources are correct, a new line is indeed in the works -- exclusively for Macy's.

Women's Wear Daily reported the story this morning and cited multiple sources (though Madonna's publicist did not return calls and both Macy's and Iconix -- the brand management firm reportedly involved in the deal -- reps declined to comment) -- all saying Madonna is, indeed, in talks to create both a clothing line and an intimates line (hello, black lace) exclusively for Macy's.

Now, on the one hand, Madonna's a cultural icon and is, by all accounts, one of the more worthy celebrities to join the fashion pack (certainly more worthy than, say, Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus). On the other hand, we're a little wary of the thinking behind said label when names reportedly high on the list include "Material Girl" for clothing and "Truth or Dare" for lingerie. Like, seriously?!

Frankly, we're growing a bit beleaguered with this whole celebrities-doing-fashion trend -- especially considering celebrities have long been a business-growing outlet for up-and-coming designers. What will previous upstarts like Prabal Gurung or Jason Wu do once celebrities just start wearing all their own duds? Granted, we understand that it's a big money-maker for the fashion industry (and we're always happy to hear about money) -- from Sarah Jessica Parker's Halston involvement to Beyonce's new perfume. But we vote for folks to start throwing some more money behind the talented folk we've been watching at fashion week.

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