Madison Avenue Gets Yet Another Store: ToyWatch

Madison Avenue is in the midst of a retail boom, with stores popping up left and right. The latest to join the bunch: ToyWatch.

The brightly-hued plastic watches, favored by First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah, will reside alongeside shops for esteemed watch brands like Breitling and Hublot, but at a fraction of the price—ToyWatches generally ring in at $195.

It's not just watches racking up on the tony Upper East Side blocks of Madison Avenue. Since the beginning of the year, a host of retailers have either opened, or announced plans to in the near future, including Lanvin, David Yurman, J. Crew Bridal Boutique, J. Crew Men's Shop, Ugg Australia and Milly, to name a few. Michael Kors upgraded his flagship for a bigger one a stone's throw north of his existing location, while both Longchamp and Ralph Lauren are contributing to the changing landscape with redesigns.

Stores around the city continue to close at a disheartening rate, however the frenzy of openings on Madison might serve as a positive sign for NYC retail. While luxury brands continue to endure the economic turndown, lowered rents are also allowing for newer stores to stake their claim on the ritzy avenue.

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