Mad Men Costume Designer to Release Style Guide

Bootsy42 on Photobucket

Visit any megabookstore and you'll find display tables stacked high with hot pink celeb-authored style guides. Tim Gunn, Rachel Zoe, Kate Spade, and Victoria Beckham have offered up their best tips and tricks, but we've never found anything very useful in their pages. Isn't "personal style" supposed to be, er, personal?

However, the announcement that Janie Bryant, Emmy-decorated costume designer of Mad Men, will release a book of style secrets with Grand Central Publishing next fall has us practically frothing at the mouth.  Half the reason we tune in each week is to gawk at Joan's immaculate up-do and analyze the depth and angle of Don Draper's lapels. According to the release, the book will pull from "Bryant's experiences on shows like Mad Men and Deadwood, [and aim] to show women how to tap into their inner 'leading lady.'" Sounds good to us--now if only she'd disclose the exact color of red lipstick she's painting on Betty.

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