Macy’s Karl Lagerfeld Collection to Hit 200 Stores, Feature High Collars

Alfonso Álvarez

Macy's is set to unveil details on its Karl Lagerfeld Impulse collection later today, WWD reports.

The highly-anticipated installment of the department store's aspirational guest-designer series will apparently debut in more than 200 stores nationwide, which marks quite a departure from previous aspirational collections that have been limited to major markets like New York and Chicago.

According to the report, the line will comprise "some high-collared pieces as well as edgier, rock-'n'-roll looks" in a style reflective of Lagerfeld's signature aesthetic.

This isn't the first time tht Lagerfeld has dipped his toes into the mass-market retail space: The designer created a capsule collection for H&M back in 2004. For anyone look to that collaboration for clues about this upcoming venture, the H&M collection looked, candidly, a lot like how Lagerfeld himself dresses -- in black and white, with a sharply-tailored silhouette and crisp white collars.

In an interesting twist, the designer actually complained that H&M produced his 30-piece collection in sizes up to 16 -- saying that he had only created the collection for "slim, slender people." But seven years is a long time, and Lagerfeld has shown more flexibility in thinking about size since, so it will be interesting to see how "mass" this collection actually looks.

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