Macy's $400 Million Revamp Includes New Restaurant and World's Biggest Shoe Department

Macy's Herald Square has long been one of the most impressive and successful retail emporiums in the world, but it's also been the most in need of a renovation between aging structures and occasional fires. Macy's even confirmed as much in the spring of 2010, saying the department store was planning a massive overhaul of its flagship. Today, Macy's revealed a slew of the details around said overhaul to WWD.

According to WWD's report, the renovations will kick off this spring and continue into the fall of 2015 and will include a face-lift on the store's faceade, as well as the addition of a whopping 100,000 square feet of selling space. Macy's will be expanding into new luxury "shop-in-shops" like an multi-level Louis Vuitton section, the department store claims its new shoe department will be the largest in the world.

Macy’s is also boasting that its shoe department on level two will have 39,000 square feet of selling space and total 63,000 square feet with stockrooms. About 300,000 pairs of shoes will be available every day, and the floor will also have a coffee/wine/chocolate bar for recharging. Asked how Macy’s knows it will be the world’s biggest shoe shop, corporate spokesman Jim Sluzewski replied: “We measured. We know this one will be the largest.”

For those shoppers that want more than a retail experience, Macy's will now also boast a series of eating concepts crafted by Macy's Culinary Council of celebrity chefs, as well as -- wait for it -- a brewpub that will stay open even later than the store, so you can have a beer after you spend too much at the shoe department.

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