Lyn Devon Takes Her Girl South of the Border

Lyn Devon's sunny new studio in an Upper West Side townhouse provided a pitch-perfect backdrop for her elegant, classic creations, which took a playful turn for spring '13 with a collection inspired by a Mexican sojourn.

"Our woman is traveling south of the border," Lyn told us at her jam-packed presentation. "And we wanted her to have this festive, playful wardrobe that incorporated nods to the Americas through different handcraft techniques."

To wit, a fitted black dress featured stripes of a looser weave that added a come-hither appeal, while a long halter dress felt fun and festive in a brown "pebble" print; delicate silk knots on a long, tomato-red overcoat added pizazz to a familiar silhouette.

But even with her adventurous inspiration, each piece delivered Devon's signature brand of timeless sophistication—full swishy skirts that would suit a modern Audrey Hepburn, or the perfect white blazer in supple, textured silk.

The real knockout, however, was perhaps her least traditional: a drop-waist white cocktail dress finished with contrasting strips of silk. "I wanted the garments to be clean, but built up with these treatments so you can see the hand in the clothes," Devon says.

Of course, there's no mistaking Devon's handiwork. The brand's aesthetic remains classic. But simple? Hardly.

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