Lucky and HSN to Host Pop-Up Sale on Facebook

Lucky has teamed up with HSN to host a 24-hour "shop" on Facebook on Friday, featuring exclusive pieces by Foley & Corinna, Thread, Gerard Yosca, Pade Vavra and La Victoire. 

The Facebook pop-up will precede the merchandise's shelf life at HSN, which will be followed up with Exclusive Summer Capsule Collection Presented by Lucky Magazine TV spots on May 19 at noon and 7pm and May 20 at 9am. 

The designer items will be priced significantly lower than regular collections, and include summer-ready clothing (Thread's pink party dress), jewelry (airy gemstones from Gerard Yosca and Pade Vavra) and accessories (F+C cream handbag and La Victoire sandals). Mostly, however, the move represents a pretty major move for the brand into the social networking game -- using a portal like Facebook to host an e-commerce event is no small feat. To get first dibs, we recommend visiting Lucky's and HSN's Facebook pages for hints on how to ace the sale. 

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