Lorenzo Martone Launches New Swimwear Line

Martone's debut collection will include 20 styles under the label Nycked, designed in collaboration wiith Jules Kim (but not Martone's steady, Marc Jacobs), and set to hit stores in November, according to WWD.

The move is a pretty creative step for Martone, who's been heavily involved in the fashion industry in other ways -- he's a strategist for an ad agency and also co-founder of a talent and PR agency. Jules Kim, on the other hand, is a jewelry designer who currently works under the label Bijules, though she has plans, according to WWD, to launch two lower-price lines at Urban Outfitters this fall.

The Nycked swimsuits -- which is apparently a play on "NYC" -- will retail between $120 and $130, and feature some seriously advanced add-ons: WWD reports that are "heat-bonded foil sequins," massive oversize bows, and lace details. The overall vibe stands in stark contrast to the typical sunny, breezy looks: Nycked's lookbook has a more gritty, city aesthetic, with models posed next to pools at night wearing fur jackets. While we certainly applaud going for something different from the conventional look, we're not entirely sure we can relate to an evening swim at a pool in the city. Although maybe we wish we could, and maybe that's entirely the point.

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