Designer Rachel Antonoff Shot Her Latest Lookbook on a Mini-Horse Farm

For her Fall/Winter '11 collection, Rachel Antonoff realized a childhood dream.

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Rachel Antonoff
Lindsey Byrnes
Rachel Antonoff is known for creating some of the most memorable lookbooks in the business, and her Autumn/Winter '11 edition—shot entirely on a snowy mini-horse farm—may be our favorite yet.
Lindsey Byrnes
"I think there is a sort of magic to childhood that seems to get lost in adulthood," Antonoff told us. Her fascination with childhood even extended to her most recent fashion week presentation, "The Dance," which was staged in a high school gym.
Lindsey Byrnes
"I've been fascinated by mini-horses forever and I had always wanted to do a winter wonderland type shoot involving them," says Antonoff. The fuzzy fellows were accompanied by Teen Vogue's Laurel Pantin and Antonoff's close friend, Danielle F, for the lookbook.
Lindsey Byrnes
It took serious research for Antonoff to make her mini-horse dream a reality. "Believe it or not there is a miniature horse farm directory!," she exclaims. "I called a few of the places and felt totally crazy asking if I could shoot with their horses, and these amazing people, the Gillens, said yes. They were so lovely and sweet. They gave us cookies and let us hang with the horses as long as we wanted!"
Lindsey Brynes
Happily, Laurel and Danielle both bonded with their furry co-stars. "I think hanging out with mini horses might be the only thing worth spending a cold day out in the snow," says Antonoff. "And the girls were such troopers."
Lindsey Byrne
As for the ponies themselves, they were slightly more complicated than expected. "The horses were really sweet and shy and all in one big area together. But then there was one horse separated from the rest in his own pen, Harley. Turns out Harley had to be kept away because he had impregnated all of the female horses! He was pretty rowdy and we by mistake let him out of the gate. It was total pandemonium!"
Lindsey Byrnes
The farm served as the perfect backdrop for Antonoff's sweet and playful fall designs.
Lindsey Byrnes
Certain styles -- like the "Macy Cat Pocket Skirt" -- we can't wait to get our hands on before summer winds down.
Lindsey Byrnes
A breezy blue and red dress from Rachel Antonoff's AW '11 lookbook.
Lindsey Byrnes
Anther view of Rachel Antonoff's short blue sundress.
Lindsey Byrnes
Rachel Antonoff's perfect holiday dress features a long satin bow and subtle red print.
Lindsey Byrnes
Perfect printed blouses and hunter-green shorts make for an easy autumn uniform.
Lindsey Byrnes
Party-perfect separates like this metallic pouf skirt pair beautifully with a simple tee or button-down.
Lindsey Byrnes
A clean black sheath dress is cinched at the waist with a contrasting brown leather belt.
Lindsey Byrnes
Antonoff's marble-like "Kenya" print is neutral enough to pair with brighter colors or accessories come fall.
Lindsey Byrnes
A simple white swing dress embellished with tiny bows.
Lindsey Byrnes
Pony feeding at the Gillen Mini-Horse Farm.
Lindsey Byrnes
A sleek printed metallic cocktail dress from Rachel Antonoff's AW '11 collection.
Lindsey Byrnes
A sleeveless white printed dress from Rachel Antonoff's AW '11 collection.
Lindsey Byrnes
A printed pouf skirt and navy blouse from Rachel Antonoff's AW '11 collection.
Lindsey Byrnes
A school girl style turtleneck and pleated skirt ensemble from Rachel Antonoff's AW '11 collection.
Lindsey Byrnes
A practical pocket sheath dress from Rachel Antonoff's AW '11 collection.
Lindsey Byrnes
Wintry basics like this knit crew-neck sweater and classic plaid skirt can be incorporated into any cold-weather outfit.
Lindsey Byrnes
A bright white collar gives the Becky H. dress a touch of mod.
Lindsey Byrnes
Navy piping gives this simple printed oxford a preppy punch.
Lindsey Byrnes
A classic black button-down from Rachel Antonoff's AW '11 collection.
Lindsey Byrnes
A swingy tulle skirt makes this black bustier dress an easy holiday party choice.
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