Lohan Officially Out at Ungaro; Madison Avenue Outpost Shuttered

Seems like the best of times and the worst of times for the house that Ungaro built: On the one hand, Lindsay Lohan is offiicially done with the label as a whole, but on the other it seems the uptown location is kaput.

After La Lohan didn't show up at the Emanuel Ungaro Fall 2010 runway show yesterday, the media went wild with speculation. Ungaro owner Asim Abdulla could only say that the starlet was "not involved" with the fall collection, but then WWD caught up with Lohan at a separate show and she elaborated on why she hadn't turned up: "Because I don't work for them any more." When pressed, she cited "legal things going on" and said she couldn't say anything more.

Meanwhile, on our own Madison Avenue, the Shophound cruised past the vast Ungaro outpost uptown and found it darkened and shuttered, leading many to speculate the that the store has closed up for good.

Maybe Ungaro is scaling back and re-centering themselves. Maybe the brand will come back stronger -- heck, unloading Lindsay Lohan was a step in the right direction towards re-establishing the brand's credibility. But that said, it also hurt Ungaro in terms of publicity, and as of yet the design elements under Estrella Archs alone aren't enough to keep folks buzzing.

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