Livia Firth’s Eco-Fabulous Oscar Outfit

Getty Images

The Oscars often seem to turn out a lot of firsts, but Livia Giuggioli Firth, wife of Academy Award-winner Colin Firth, offered up a singularly earth-friendly first in terms of dressing.

Livia's "Green Carpet Challenge," for which she dolled up in 100 percent eco garb and jewels to each of a number of award shows, had its climactic finale Sunday night as she strolled down the carpet in a gown assembled from 11 different vintage frocks—some, appropriately, dating back to the reign of King George VI.

Her jewelry was no less eco-fabulous: Her earrings and an enormous cocktail ring were all crafted form fair-trade and fair-mined ecological gold, and accented by fully "traceabe" gems, making hers arguably the most head-to-toe eco-friendly red carpet ensemble ever displayed at the Oscars.

Other stars have been clamoring on the green carpet bandwagon with varying degrees of success: Suzy Amis Cameron, wife of James Cameron, announced two new winners of her Red Carpet Green Challenge this past week. The designers' prize was to walk an actual green carpet at a "Global Green" pre-Oscar party, though we have to admit, someone wearing one of their designs during the event itself would likely do more to raise awareness about earth-friendly fashion.

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