Lily Allen to Wed in Chanel

One might expect an international pop star like Lily Allen to travel to the Chanel studios with some kind of entourage—after all, she's a bride-to-be, and even non-famous versions of those seem to travel with at least a mother in tow at all times.

But, no, Allen arrived alone on Monday afternoon, WWD reports, waiting patiently and even holding the door while staff bustled about their day. Certainly delighting some editors in the room, Allen quipped: "I'm here to see Karl about my wedding dress." 

Lagerfeld tapped Allen in 2009 to front several Chanel ads and Allen has been a regular at Chanel shows ever since, even performing live at the Spring/Summer 2010 collection. As such, it's no surprise that the bride-to-be would don something from Chanel when she marries boyfriend Sam Cooper later this year, but we're almost as excited to see what "Karl" whips up for Allen as we are to see what Ms. Middleton has chosen for her wedding.

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