LES Boutique, Convent, Boasts ’90s-Era Chic


The '90s were back with a cropped-and-pleated vengeance this season, from belly cutouts at Alexander Wang to the grungey plaid army at Rag & Bone. But for Travis Wayne, stylist and owner of hip LES boutique, Convent, the '90s never left.

The petite 300-square-foot space is dripping with covetable fashion throwbacks like floral minidresses, hot pants, washed leather vests and long unisex tees.  Describing his look as “Blossom and Zach Morris meet Nine Inch Nails," Wayne stocks the Convent racks with up-and-coming design talent like Malu, Mancandy, Geronimo and Costume Dept.

Wayne also keeps a cache of colorful printed leggings--what would the 90's be without leggings?--one in particular featuring glittering gold fish scales. Be sure to check out the "concept" eyewear by a.morir (think shield sunglasses covered in black pyramid studs), and geometric-printed backpacks by dusen dusen. You'll be kicking it like it's 1999 in no time.

Convent is located at 179 Stanton Street.

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