Lela Rose Woos Us With Her Spring 2011 Bridesmaids Designs

We'd always suspected that ready-to-wear and bridal designer Lela Rose carried a torch for bridesmaids, too. Last night, during her Wedding Library unveiling party, we posed the question straight-out.

"Oh, yes, yes. yes!" was her reply. "How long do you have to talk about it? Because I've worn way too many bad gowns to count."

One thing's for sure: Betrothed friend or no, we'd wear her spring 2011 designs -- just as fitting for a wedding than in one -- any day.

At $220-$300, brides can rest assured that bridesmaids will get their moneys' worth. Rose was happy to walk us through a handful of styles, noting the that their light weights, modern rosette-work, and necklines (from one-shouldered to look-at-me scoop and v-necks) were among the nods to style conscious bridesmaids everywhere.

A Rose rep tipped us off to a display featuring dye-able shoes from her "Unforgettable Moments" for Payless collection as we headed out the door. The online order service features a 64-shade range (and $49.99 starting price) that makes color-matching -- and budget-blending -- a perfect match.


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