Hosts Mizrahi, Iman Weigh In on “The Fashion Show”

Last night, we had the pleasure of joining a viewing party and "Tweet-up" for this week's episode of Bravo TV's The Fashion Show, hosted by designer Isaac Mizrahi, supermodel Iman and Harper's Bazaar editor Laura Brown. There was laughter, popcorn and plenty of zings flying around, as contestant Caesar Galindo got sent home.

It turns out even the judges on "The Fashion Show" are wowed by the nature of the weekly competitions. As Mizrahi told us: 

I wouldn't have done this if I'd had the opportunity. I think I'm a really good designer, but I'm not good at fashion competitions.

I think that's an important part of a creative brain, is knowing when to listen, and when not to listen. If I had listened to everything everybody told me, honey, I would not have ever been successful.

Despite her goddess-y good looks, Iman took a seasoned, down-to-earth approach: "I told the designers from day one: I've worked. I've been a muse for YSL, Donna Karan, Valentino -- it is a hard job." According to the supermodel, The Fashion Show goes beyond just finding someone who can make clothes well. "As a customer, as a woman -- who the hell needs another dress? We need something to inspire us, get us away from our normal daily lives. That's what we're looking for."

We caught up with the most recent cast-off, Galindo, today, by phone, and you'd never know he wasn't in the winner's circle. Reflecting on the experience, he said, "I'm thrilled that I did this. Patricia Fields is a dear friend of mine, and she told me, 'Caesar, it's all about exposure, exposure, exposure.' I think I showed a good quality of who I am and I'm proud of everything I produced. I mean, you can't afford to pay for that in advertising. I feel that I exposed myself in a positive way to the masses. There's no prize they could give me that's more valuable than that."

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